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Jersey's Regional Favorite Has Made The Top 20 List in America

Nov 02, 2023

So if you were asked what is one food that's totally "Jersey" what would you say? Far and Wide recently did an article all about the "Best Regional Food in America". They put together their Top 20 list of the best regional foods around America. "Many amazing dishes across the United States have remained proudly regional. They've never really taken off outside their specific geographic area. The dishes are totally unique to where they're from and absolutely worth trying."

So have you thought about what Jersey's best "regional food" is? According to Far and Wide, it's Taylor Ham, what? Are you talking about "Pork Roll"? This is a feud as old as the Hatfields and the McCoys. Many to the north call it "Taylor Ham" and many to the south call it "Pork Roll". Where do you sit on the fence? For me it has always been "Pork Roll" but hey "Tomato - Tomatoes". We can all agree it is delicious and when you are in the mood a Pork Roll and Cheese on a Kaiser roll is a perfect sandwich.

According to Far and Wide "Taylor Ham" is number ten on the Top 20 list of American "regional" foods. "There are a lot of great pork products in the U.S., but in New Jersey, one in particular reigns supreme. Taylor ham is a processed, smoked specialty made with a mixture of spices and packaged in a tube of casing. The item hit the market in 1856 as "Taylor's Prepared Ham,” but had to change its name after the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 because it did not meet the legal definition of ham."

So are you a Taylor Ham fan or a Pork Roll fan? For me, I love a simple pork roll and cheese on a hard roll with some ketchup. I am not opposed to having an egg on that, but not a necessity. I haven't had one in a while so maybe it's time lol after writing this. If you are from outside Jersey please come and have an authentic pork roll and cheese, I think you will approve :)