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The best way to select the best waste oil distillation ...

Jul 02, 2023

Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Source: Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

DOING pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machines help you generate huge profits

Selecting the best waste oil distillation machine involves considering several factors. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

1. Define your requirements:

Determine the capacity, scale, and specific needs of your waste oil distillation process. Consider factors like the type and volume of waste oil you need to process per day, the desired output quality, and the available space and budget.

2. Research reputable manufacturers:

Look for established and reputable manufacturers of waste oil distillation machines. Research their reputation, experience, and customer reviews to ensure their reliability and the quality of their products. DOING, top manufacturer of waste oil distillation machine, has cooperated many customers on our waste oil distillation machine and received good feedback.

3. Evaluate technology and features:

Explore the different technologies and features offered by waste oil distillation machines. Look for advanced features like automated controls, energy efficiency, safety features, and the ability to handle various types of waste oil.

4. Consider the output quality:

Check the specifications and capabilities of the machines you are considering. Ensure that they can meet your desired output quality standards, such as removing impurities and contaminants from the waste oil effectively.

DOING now have researched two types of waste oil distillation machine:

1. The common waste oil distillation machine

The common waste oil distillation machine needs to use acid and alkali as the catalysts. So for these customers who can get acid and alkali easily, such as in India and Africa, the common waste oil refinery distillation machine is a more preferable choice. In addition, the common waste oil distillation machine is energy-saving and easy to install.

2. The new design waste oil distillation machine

The new design waste oil distillation machine uses the solid catalyst, which can be purchased from DOING company directly. And the new design waste oil distillation machine has a higher degree of automation and safety. It's also time and labor saving and has multiple uses.

Both these two waste oil distillation machines can refine waste oil/crude oil/pyrolysis oil to non-standard diesel of good quality, so you can select the suitable one according to your actual situation.

5. Compare prices and warranties:

Obtain quotes from multiple manufacturers and compare the prices of their waste oil distillation machines. Consider the overall value for money, including the machine's quality, features, warranty coverage, and after-sales support. DOING has our own factory to manufacture the waste oil distillation machine, so we can offer a reasonable price for you; and our professional team can provide the comprehensive services for you, from machine selection, detailed scheme, to installation and operation.

6. Seek expert advice:

Consult with industry experts or professionals who have experience with waste oil distillation machines. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise.

7. Request demos or site visits:

If possible, ask the shortlisted manufacturers to provide live demos or arrange site visits to see their machines in operation. This will help you assess the machine's performance, build quality, and overall suitability for your requirements. DOING waste oil distillation machine has successfully been running in some countries, such as India, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, etc. If you need, we can also arrange the the visit to our factory or the project running site.

8. Consider maintenance and service:

Inquire about maintenance requirements and the availability of spare parts for the chosen machine. Ensure that the manufacturer offers reliable after-sales service, technical support, and training for operating and maintaining the equipment. DOING can provide comprehensive after-sale services, such as installation and operation guidance. And we also have the one-year guarantee service.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can select the best waste oil distillation machine that aligns with your specific needs and offers long-term value for your investment. If you need, you can contact our sales manager, our sales manager can help you select the suitable waste oil distillation machine .

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