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Nagpal Industries setting the standard for Corrugated Box machine

Jul 08, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, Tanmay Nagpal, Managing Director of Nagpal Industries shared about the growth of the company over the years. Mr Nagpal said that the company was established in the post-independence era in the 1950s. He also mentioned that he is the third-generation businessman of the company, highlighting the company’s longevity and continued success over the years.

Around three to four years ago, Mr Nagpal joined the family business and is currently responsible for the marketing segment of Nagpal Industries. The company specializes in developing semi-automatic and automatic corrugated box-making machines. These machines are used to produce both lightweight and heavy-duty carton boxes that are used in a variety of industries.

Nagpal Industries manufactures two types of machines, automatic and semi-automatic, for producing corrugated boxes. Automatic machines are designed to produce an entire box with minimal human intervention, resulting in significant time savings. In contrast, semi-automatic machines require seven different machines and several workers to manufacture a single corrugated box. While the production speed of automatic machines is five times faster than that of semi-automatic machines, the latter still requires more human involvement.

Nagpal Industries caters its product to various packaging industries. Mr Nagpal stated, “Nagpal Industries own a wider reach with respect to its customers. The customers list ranges from the industries belonging to the automobile to garments to the export industry and so on. We are proud to state that we are boosting the initiative of the ‘Make in India’ campaign as the company itself induces all the native components to manufacture its corrugate box-making machines.”

Nagpal Industries doesn’t limit its services to its home country but also exports its machines to industries situated in foreign countries. The company began exporting its machines in the 1980s, expanding its reach beyond the domestic market. With respect to its recent list of customers situated on foreign soil, Mr Nagpal briefed that the list includes the countries of UAE, Bangladesh, Nigeria and so on.

Nagpal Industries manufactures its machines in two locations, Delhi and Faridabad. According to Mr Nagpal, as the oldest manufacturer in the market, the company faces intense competition from local players, which is shrinking the market for everyone involved. The involvement of numerous players in the market has also led to a decline in material quality, as many local players sell inferior equipment at lower prices. Despite these challenges, Mr. Nagpal emphasized that Nagpal Industries stands out in the market due to its high-quality products and exceptional after-sales service, which have become the company’s unique selling points.

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