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Celebrate 710 with Wavelength Extracts at The Source Cannabis in Rogers

Jul 24, 2023

In celebration of a little-known cannabis holiday, The Source cannabis dispensary in Rogers is launching a High Art poster series, as well as dropping three new vape cartridge strains by Wavelength Extracts.

The limited-edition 710 posters are numbered 1 to 500 and signed by our master formulator, Trevor Sharpe. All loyalty members are eligible for a free poster when they come in and shop beginning 7/10 (while supplies last).

Use your eyes to flip the numbers of the date 710, and you’ll find that it spells out “OIL” flipped around and upside down.

Leave it to the stoners to find the perfect way to celebrate one of the cannabis market’s greatest achievements: cannabis extraction. Beginning more than a decade ago, scientists in Colorado and California began the scientific process of cannabinoid extraction using solvents. Oils are extracted from cannabis plant matter, then formulated into vape cartridges or concentrates.

In order to understand a little more about what all of this means, we decided to interview the CEO of Wavelength Extracts, Mike Eckles, in order to learn more about the evolution of cannabis extraction since 2015, when he began working in the field.

Oil drips from the needle of the cart filling machine used to fill Wavelength Extracts cartridges available at The Source Cannabis in Rogers.

Mike Eckles: Before there were concentrates, it was all oil. The first concentrates coming out were CO2 crude, hydrocarbon crude, & old-school bubble hash. In Colorado in the early days, any concentrates you found kind of looked like tar. The down-stream refining & processing (post-extraction) has really come a long way and contributed to product refinement over the years.

Eckles: A ton! At first we were using all retro-fitted extractions systems from other industries, like pharmaceutical extractors and R&D sized botanical extractors. Now there’s specialty equipment for cannabis extractors, and that’s also why a lot of the original players are inventors, like my partner Chris McElvany, who I’ve had the opportunity to work with as he’s developed several cannabis-related patents.

When I really think about it though, what’s really changed is the scale, as well as the diversity of products. Before we had “crude” or distillate and wax. Now, you’ve got live resin, live rosin, budder, wax, shatter, badder, diamonds and sauce, the list goes on and on.

Eckles: The industry is really starting to reward those who run very efficient businesses, and what’s most exciting is that we are moving beyond taboo and starting to see professionals get into the space. When we first started, there weren’t many researchers coming into the space, but now we are seeing professionals from different fields come in and impact the industry, which results in better products and better businesses.

Mike Eckles, CEO of Wavelength Extracts, trains budtenders at The Source Cannabis in Rogers, AR on the art of cannabis extraction.

It’s exciting for me, because I can pull from all of the learning lessons I’ve gathered over the last eight years doing this. Each state is a new puzzle. You’re playing the same game, but different people show up and the rules shift. The different license sets make the game different every time.


Mike Eckles has made a huge impact at The Source in Rogers, Arkansas, where he works with the local formulator Trevor Sharpe to bring high quality cartridges to the natural state. Eckles uses his experience to anticipate what patients in Arkansas will grow to love over time.

Trevor Sharpe, formulator and lab lead at The Source Cannabis in Northwest Arkansas, fills THC distillate cartridges.

It’s no doubt that in more mature cannabis industry markets, like Colorado or California, the use of concentrates increases over time. As Arkansans move through their individual journeys in the medical market, they are likely to develop a stronger taste for concentrates.

The best place to start? With a Wavelength Extracts distillate cartridge. Check out the three new strains available at The Source today!

Just when you think you’ve nailed it, the Jelly Rancher aroma takes a flirtatious left turn. It’s undeniably fruity with a pungent hit of skunk, and a slight background of gas gives elusive notes of citrus and berry an unexpected glow-up.

Wavelength Extracts vape cartridge, Rainbow Belt, will send your senses on a colorful ride across the sky. The fusion of terpenes d-limonene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene blended perfectly with high-quality distillate oil produces a flowery aroma of diesel that transforms energetic notes of lemon and lime into something sublime. So buckle up and shift gears into a more peaceful state of mind.

Take a bite out of Forbidden Fruit, Wavelength’s newest vape cartridge. With a delicious blend of terpenes like d-limonene and beta-caryophyllene mixed with high-quality distillate oil, this indica-dominant cartridge will leave users in a state of pure bliss. Savor the intoxicating flavor of this tropical, earthy cross with no fear of being banished from paradise. Tempting, isn’t it?

Marijuana is for use by qualified patients only. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana used during pregnancy or breastfeeding poses potential harms. Marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of marijuana.

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